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Fab Labs & S.T.E.M Partnership

Electronic components and PCB design service at discount rates for STEM, education programs & women in technology.


A special thanks to AmRoc Fab Lab our first Fab Lab partnership.
The Tampa Bay Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics Center (AMRoC) Fab Lab, a program of the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI), is a public Fab Lab dedicated to building community capacity, empowering individuals through creative self-expression and bridging the manufacturing and industry talent gap through robust project-based engineering education and training.

What is a Fab Lab? A Fab Lab is a “creative playground” for the scientists and techies of the future. It’s a place where students are able to dream of, design and create almost anything. This program offers students access to the latest fabrication equipment such as laser engravers and cutters, CAD (computer-aided design) software, 3D scanners and printers, and milling machines. By combining experimentation and innovation with state-of-the-art technology, students are able to turn their concepts from imagination into reality.

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Tell us about your project idea and supply needs. Let us save you time and money by creating or converting files for workshops. Bits4Bots LLC has an ambitious team of engineers ready to assist you. We offer laser cut designs. PCB gerber files, out source supplier for manufacturing 5x5cm or 10cmx10cm board(max); red blue green yellow black white .  Circuit simulation and step by step video via Power Point upon request. 3d model step by step in Autodesk Inventor.  Custom S.T.E.M. component packs available. No project to big or small. 
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