Learning to design schematics and PCB's?

Our downloads are tested and fully functional designs, analyze them, view them in 3D, generate the gerber files and manufacturing your own board. 


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2x7 Digit Counter
Coming Soon!

555 Timer with trim pot
Coming Soon!

7 Segment Display Counter. 
.ms File 107 kb & Ultiboard


Need a custom board? We'll send you a quote. 

For more information about how Bits4Bots LLC can help with your PCB design requirements, please send an email to and tell us a bit about your project:

  1. Project Name?
  2. Overview of Project?
  3. What materials will you provide? (e.g., Block Diagram, Statement of Work, etc.)
  4. What would you like to have created/delivered (if you know)? (e.g., Gerber files, Bill of Materials, etc)
  5. Desired timeline for delivery of the project?

Files created for you are currently ONLY available in PDF, .ms & .ewprj Multisim and Ultiboard. Gerber files are universal and can be used with and PCB manufacturer.

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